Jumat, 11 Mei 2012

This is Review PDA & iPod, 2200mAh, Universal Charger for all Mobile,

I work on submarines and so, although we do have some 3 pin sockets, it is very hard to charge ipods etc when i'm away and the sockets are in almost constant use. I take the power monkey (i actually have 2) and from them i am able to charge my ipod, my ipaq 5550 and my nokia (for when we get alogside). It's simply excellent, you require relatively little time on the socket and one charge of the monkey seems to keep all my other bits going for ages. It holds its charge well and is really neat and compact to store (as space is obviously at a premium).

There are several little connectors which come as standard but you only take what you need, I had to buy one for my ipaq which cost £2.50 so little money for the high use i get. It comes with a set of international plug adaptors so you can charge the monkey just about anywhere you happen to pop up.

All in all i would argue that i put the monkey through some pretty hostile use and expect a lot from it and to be fair it delivers.

I would recommend it to anyone and a lot of my friends have started catching on now and are using them too.

Just a really good,practical, no nonsense piece of kit which does exactly what it says it does!

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